Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some things are hard to blog about

Some things are hard to blog about. I will tell you right now that, for your sanity and mine, this blog has no pictures. 
Ryan called me tonight while I was writing customer reminder emails (turkey pickups are almost done!!!) and told me, "I need the gun and the bullets NOW." He said he had a 'coon pinned with a stick. His words. So I rushed out there with these items and he had a raccoon half in and half out of one of our traps right outside the shop. He had a big dowel rod (broom handle?) and had it pinned against the wall.
It wasn't moving.
So while I held the stick to "keep it pinned" and Ryan loaded the gun, we contemplated this raccoon's current status. I released the stick a little, and the 'coon didn't move. I poked it. Still nothing. 
So yes, my husband called me in a hurry to grab the gun to kill a raccoon that had already had a heart attack or suffocated by the door of the trap or something. He shot it for good measure anyway. 
If 'coons weren't such destructive rascals, I'd feel bad about this. But since moving to the country I've realized the little devils are a menace. 
Ryan and I joked that this was not something we could blog about, but I decided to do it anyway. After all, this falls into the category of things I just never really considered before moving out into the middle of nowhere!

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