Saturday, November 26, 2011

Not Easy Being Green

The building has a new theme song. In soliciting advice on the building color, someone pointed out that in the grand scheme of things, we could actually work toward a cohesive farm color scheme. Now, that appeals to the organized, crafty side of me like nothing else has. So that left us with pink, yellow, or green if we wanted to use the colors in our logo. 
With this in mind, green actually made some sense. So Ryan took the little can of paint we had from painting our sign into Menards and had it matched. 
I think that was the way to go. I know, lots of people liked the blue, but it really was much bluer in the real world than the picture. Really blue. Crazy blue. Anyone who was here for Thanksgiving can back me up. 

We're also thrilled Thanksgiving is over. Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday (after Halloween) and I LOVE having people over. We had 11 here, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
That being said, I'm always glad when the turkey season ends. Last Sunday was our delivery day and our biggest day of the year. We go to Picket Fence Creamery for their special "Sample Sunday" every year to have our customers pick up preordered turkeys. Here's Ryan helping carry turkeys to someone's car.
We bring the truck with two old chest freezers in the back to most of our drop offs, and this time they started out completely full with lamb, chickens, and (of course) turkeys. Here's what was left after the day was over:
A few chickens, a couple smoked turkeys, and a little lamb. One lady came and added two racks of lamb to her turkey order, bless her! We actually sold more lamb than I expected to, which was great. We get better at orchestrating that day every year, this year was the smoothest of all. The weather was pretty nice, sunny and not too cold. Last year it was freezing, windy, and drizzled all day long. Hazel also behaved very well and enjoyed chasing their farm cats around all afternoon. 

And now the Hazel picture of the day. The dryer was making a funny noise, so we were getting into it to clean it out. Turned out we had a broken piece of some overalls between the dryer drum and the support and it was scraping when the drum turned. But it all lead to another little engineer moment for our little one. 
Work those pliers, girl!

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I like the green too :)