Sunday, November 20, 2011

Blue Dabba Dee Dabba Da

Ryan painted our new chicken building yesterday. Now, I'm not saying he has bad taste in color, because he doesn't. He just has trouble picking paint colors in a hurry. So he was thinking he could paint the new building approximately the same color as his grandpa's barn. I looked for a picture of that barn to show you, but Google Maps doesn't have streetviews in the middle of nowhere and I don't have any pictures either. Anyway, Grandpa's barn is light blue. Like robin's egg blue, but lighter. 

Enter Ryan's interpretation.

He calls it Pepto Bismol blue. When I see this building, I hear in my brain the song "Blue" by Eiffel 65 from 13 years ago (has it been that long????). If you don't know what I'm talking about, their music video is here. This building will have white trim, but right now it's just very blue.

I admit, it's actually growing on me. It's a landmark. But I'm asking you now. Do you think it should stay this blue? Do you think we should paint over it with a much lighter blue? Or should we go get a bucket of barn red paint and just paint it barn red? Ryan and I have decided to "ask the blogs" and see what you all say. So please comment below or on my facebook posting about this blog and tell me what you think! What color should this building be?


Aleta said...

Leave it BLUE!!!! Red is so predictable and boring. Think how nice it will look in the snow.

Jenny B. Given said...

I love it! Keep it blue!

Leah said...

I like the blue :)