Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lambs, Brown Green Baby Quilt, & Easter egg hunt

It appears I am on a once-a-month blogging schedule, but I guess that might just be the way it is right now! I like every two weeks when I can do it, but life's a little busy for that.

We have our first lambs of the season, I think the first was born on Wednesday. They are, as lambs always are, very sweet.
We have two single lambs out of two first-time mothers, which is the way it should be. First time mothers who twin frequently lose one or both, and so far we would rather have healthy singles. Yes, that is a Tidy Cats bucket in the background. A friend and customer of ours generously donated a bunch of them, and we use them quite a bit for various things (in this case, water for this lamb and ewe). Buckets wear out fast around here, and are kind of stupid expensive considering it is just a BUCKET!

I also had a friend of ours have a baby in the last week or so, and I decided he needed a quilt of his own. So I whipped up a quick stash-busting Anita's Arrowhead for him; many of these fabrics I am thrilled to finally give a home to. My stash is small, but it's still too full of fabrics that aren't actually big enough to do much with. I secretly dream of working toward a stash made up of decent quality fabrics with a balanced color scale.I also find that I reach for my tone-on-tone colors the most, like Moda Marbles and other blenders. I think that a little bit of print goes a long way, and I like the look of more pure colors best. Anyway, here's the quilt I made!
I've also started putting blessings on the labels of my baby quilts, and I really like what it adds. This one says, "May you have the hindsight to know where you've been, the foresight to know where you are going, and the insight to know when you have gone to far." 
And yes, those are my toes in the bottom of this picture. I should have stopped long enough to crop it, but I didn't. Lazy me.

Since today is the Saturday before Palm Sunday, Pella had its Easter Egg Hunt for kids. Now, not to be a fuddy-duddy, but in my day they still bothered to put candy into plastic eggs for the kids. Each one was a discovery: "Did I get good candy, or is this one a tootsie roll?" Alas, now they just scatter the candy on the ground and let the kids go at it when they say "go!" I guess this way is a lot less effort, and as a parent I don't have to figure out what to do with all the plastic eggs or feel bad throwing them away.
H enjoyed it anyway, and thought the whole process was pretty neat. And yes, I was That Mom. You know, the mom who doesn't have a cute Easter basket that's just the right size for gathering candy? The mom who totally spaced the whole concept that an Easter basket might be needed for this activity and emptied a grocery bag that happened to also be in the truck to serve as a makeshift basket? Yeah. That was me. Good thing she's 2 and won't realize that I was That Mom this year. I'll try to do better next year!

Z is growing well, and I snapped this picture this morning of a onesie my sister-in-law made for him
It has a bunch of stats for a Level 1 Human, and it's very Geek Chic. He's growing well, though has a cough (we all do, I'm on week number six of this thing) and is still a very calm baby. In this picture he just had his diaper changed, which is his absolute FAVORITE activity in the whole world. This kid just loves his diaper changes.

On a last note, this is my plea to the universe to decide it is spring already here in the Midwest. As I type this on the 23rd of March, it is the warmest it will get today at 37 degrees F, cloudy, gray, and nothing at all is green. Please spring, we need you!! Last year we know you were too early, but now you are too late!