Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hearth and Garden Growth

On Father's Day, Ryan pulled Father's Day privilege and insisted I work on a house project that wasn't on my priority list but was on his. So I worked on the hearth in our living room. We purchased the slate a couple months ago and sorted it for the pieces we liked best.

Here it is after putting on the cementboard:

And we discovered that the hearth was just a little larger than would be an even distribution with the tiles, so Ryan came up with another pattern. I like it better than just a standard grid!

It's still waiting for grout, but I'll get there soon. It's also waiting for our custom dragon tile, which will be here in a couple months.

My garden is looking well. I planted all of the seeds we had of varying ages, so of course all of the rows next to eachother came up instead of something logical, like every other row. But the rows that came up look pretty good! Here it is a couple weeks ago:

And here it is tonight, the watermelon is growing nicely on the left. And yes, the radish on the right has totally gone to seed. I don't like to eat radishes, they're just satisfying to plant because they grow so quickly. The chickens are also looking at me through the garden fence, can you spot them?

It's lily season, so my new double tiger lilies are blooming. Aren't these cool?

Also a plant (but not in the garden), we're indefinitely babysitting my mom's jasmine plant. If she ever decides to reclaim it, I'm going to have to get my own. This thing smells divine and is super happy in my house. It had almost 200 blooms on it a couple days ago (the blooms only last one day)!

In farm news, on the way home from the locker we stopped to eat dinner. I took a picture because this is a classic farmer park job. Five spots for the win!

And here the kids are "helping" daddy with the morning chores.

And Daddy and Z are surveying the landscape:

Until next time, enjoy the summer!

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