Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paint and Cementboard

It's been another busy couple of weeks on the farm and the house. First, we have had a couple of calves in the cow herd, which is good news. The herd has so far done well with us only visiting it every few days.

On the house front, the drywall got all finished up
And then it got textured
And then we tested some paint swatches on it
And then we painted it. 
Mud room:

Living room on right, kitchen on the left:

Living/Dining room and Great Room:

H's Room:

I don't have a great picture of Z's room, it's red and navy blue and tan but the colors didn't show well in my current pics. 
We did the whole house in one weekend because the trim wasn't up yet and neither is flooring. This lovely group of weekend warriors totally rocked it:

Meanwhile our geothermal was drilled, which I took a picture of because I loved the fact that a piece of Vermeer equipment drilled it. 

The kitchen cabinets were also delivered, but there was a leak in the truck and 6 cabinets were delivered with water damage. This one is the worst:
So I rejected those cabinets and new cabinets will get re-delivered later this week.

Then today we worked on installing cementboard in the mudroom so that I can tile over it. God Bless YouTube and the internet for having information on how to do this, otherwise I'm not sure how I would have done it. 

And here are the weekend warriors who did this lovely piece of art:
No, the kids didn't help. Yes, they did get in the way. They were around for painting weekend too.

On a personal note, I took a little ski vacation to Colorado a couple weeks ago. 

On the plane, I even spotted our house from the air!
The road running left to right at the bottom of the picture is our road. Our house is about in the middle, above the road, you can see the dark blue patch that is our pond. We are the house and barn to the right along that road, the neighbor to the left is an older cousin of Ryan's. 

It's also increasingly difficult to get a picture of the kids where no one is cheesing it up or moving. 

Here Z is hugging a giant gnome at the Reiman Gardens:

And H is continuing to work on reading, making good progress.

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