Sunday, March 22, 2015

Insulation and drywall

Things keep on moving along, in the last two weeks we had spray foam insulation installed in the house. We actually did a sealed option where the attic becomes a semi-conditioned space and is not vented. It's a little different than the "standard" way of doing things, but there are some advantages to it and I think it will work out. 

Here is the picture of the underside of the roof after being sprayed:

So then because I had some time (not a lot, but some), my spray foam insulator told me that since I have 2x6 exterior walls, I still had room for fiberglass insulation in addition to the spray foam. When it comes to insulation, more is better! So we took a weekend and our amazing friend Jared came and helped us hang insulation.

We didn't get the whole house done before the drywall, but we got the full exposed portion of the basement, the whole west and south walls (the north wall is the garage, so was less crucial because the garage serves as a buffer), and the east wall of the master bedroom. 

I will tell you that hanging fiberglass insulation sucks. It is itchy, and cutting it is a pain in the keyster. But I'm hoping it makes our home just that much warmer.

So the next step was drywall, which is currently in process. In the category of "things I'm learning about building a house", drywall mud has to be kept warm while drying. I did find a somewhat interesting chart poking around the internet, so it means it does take a while for the mud to dry as it is colder and wetter. Luckily our humidity seems to be hovering around 50% here, and the temps haven't been terrible at night. Either way, our geothermal is going to have to go in very soon (like the end of this week). 

I didn't take many pictures of the drywall when I went to check on the house yesterday, but here is Z's room. I knew what the house would look like, and it does, but it still surprised me how different it looks with drywall in it. 

Sorry I haven't taken many pictures of the kids in the last couple of weeks, but Z has really started to reach the age where he can manipulate Duplo blocks. You can't see it in this picture, but trust me his little tongue is sticking out just slightly in concentration.

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