Sunday, November 6, 2011

Farmsitting, Wiring, and Reupholstery Work

It's been a busy week on the farm! Ryan went on a boy's weekend starting Thursday, so I've been tending the farm for 3.5 days. I know that man is overworked and underpaid, but I'll say it again! I am going to give that man a new job title: Bucket Manager. I learned that the state of our 5 gallon buckets around here are dismal. Half of them can only be used for feed and not water because they have holes in them, and most of the rest are missing their plastic covers for the handles. There are 2 decent buckets on the farm and the rest of the time I spent trying to figure out what to carry in what bucket! It's nuts! So I went to Theisen's tonight and splurged on two new buckets for $6. I meant to take pictures of the various sad and sorry buckets around the farm, but I'm afraid I failed at that so you'll have to take my word for it. 

On Monday Ryan had a bit of a run-in with our ram, Hades. Apparently Hades decided he didn't want Ryan around, even though he's usually even tempered and not a problem. I guess Ryan looked askance at one of his ladies, and that was that. Ryan limped for a couple of days, but was otherwise unharmed. Our video baby monitor that was in Ryan's pocket however, now looks like this:
We miss it! 

My stepdad has recently been a huge blessing with our new building. It's now almost completely wired (except into the breaker panel), and he has been down here 4 days in the last week and a half working on it!
Here he is putting on the exterior lights. 
Here's Ryan fiddling with something, I'm afraid it's pretty cluttered in the building right now with all the tools scattered about. 
So now the building has all 4 walls, roof, doors, windows, etc! The soffits are still open and so Ryan is going to shove some foam board up there before we have a local company come cover the inside with spray foam. It's going to be awesome!!
I actually helped quite a bit with the wiring (the lack of heavy lifting makes it something I can do) and had more fun than I expected. Wiring a building was surprisingly similar to wiring a machine at work!

Lastly, every time Ryan leaves for a guy's weekend, I try to tackle something on the home to do list so he feels like he comes home to a house that's better than when he left and so he feels like he can leave when he needs to. So here's this weekend's project! 
Ryan has a favorite chair. This monstrosity was actually in the house when we bought it, and he loves it. I failed to take a good "before" picture, so here it is after I took the arms and back off.
People would come over to the house and we would run out of seating around our kitchen island, so I would have to have people sit in this chair. It was embarrassing!
You can see the faded fabric in this one. It's, um, dated. 

So here it is after I reupholstered it!
I didn't do much to it, but I just recovered it so that it's clean and fabric actually covers all of the foam. I know, big deal. But I know that he is going to love it! Not to mention, I won't be embarrassed to offer it to guests anymore. At least until he and the cats wear this one out. 

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