Sunday, May 20, 2012

Birthday, New skirt, & Mother's Day

My little lady turned 2 on the 2nd, and she is definitely a toddler. Ryan stayed home and decided that she needed a birthday cake, so he made her one. So cute!
He is not the baker in our family, but I love that he decided she needed a birthday cake and so with the help of the internet he figured it out. He even made it from scratch!

We recently had a visit by a colony of bees on the move, who auditioned our silver maple for a spot for a hive (or maybe they were just resting on their way elsewhere).
They didn't stick around, much to my chagrin. I would have liked to watch them through the year. It was amazing how much noise they made! I found myself wondering if they had abandoned a colony somewhere and were not actually wild bees at all. 

So sticking with tradition, I hosted a Mother's Day gathering at our house. Beforehand, I made myself a Mother's Day present: a maternity skirt!
I'm pretty sure everyone knows by now, but I am due with our 2nd child in mid-November! I never did have a maternity skirt with Hazel, and there are enough semi-formal occasions that I just wanted one. Especially since I'm wearing maternity wear much earlier with this one! I found this fabric on sale (it's just 2 yards of a light cotton) and love it. Then the top is some ribbed jersey knit that stretches. I should be able to wear it through most of pregnancy, although I'll say the knit is really hard to work with! I'm used to cotton, which behaves much better.

So we also celebrated Hazel's birthday at Mother's Day, as we have every year since she was born. I'm guessing this next child will get similar treatment with Thanksgiving!
This time I made the cake: chocolate with pink frosting. I asked Hazel if she wanted pink frosting, and she enthusiastically agreed that was a great idea!

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mommy baum said...


congrats! we are expecting too (late october), so it will be fun to hear about your pregnancy along with my own ;) love that maternity may have inspired me to get crafty.....