Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spiderwebs, Owls, & Easter Dresses

On a recent spring morning, the spiderwebs and dew looked to me like fairies had made their nests among our stumps and fences. I tried to take a picture of it, but some things are just hard to capture with a point-and-shoot camera. 
We also have many Great Horned Owls around the house and hear them hooting frequently. Hazel has the book Owl Moon, which is a Caldecott winner and she loves it. However, when we had an owl land close to actually see it and hear it well, the reality of an owl was deeply terrifying.
You can see him in the middle of this picture, just barely. This picture was taken from our back steps, and Hazel is clinging to me with a death grip that defies description. Though only two, she could probably hang on to a galloping horse with her bare hands! I tried to get her to enjoy the owl, but she was having none of it. 

Lastly, for Easter I decided to make Hazel an Easter dress. I followed a tutorial from a blog called Sewing in No Man's Land, but I have to say I'm not super thrilled with the pattern.
It turned out OK, but wrestling Hazel into it was a feat and a half. She is a fairly slender two-year-old, but perhaps it was the fabric choice or something. 
The under, ruffle skirt turned out well, but the overdress will not be worn again. Here Hazel is feeding chickens after church some leftover popcorn from a visit to Theisen's (a local farm supply store that has a free popcorn machine). 
A few for the chickens...
And a few for Hazel. She doesn't seem to mind that it's stale. 


mommy baum said...

the dress sure is cute, even if it ended up being less than ideal.....she is a doll! happy easter ;)

Marion said...

Super duper cute dress. I have a picture here when I was a kid. I'm wearing Mens Black Suits that time and feeding our goat.