Thursday, May 24, 2012

Solo and De-fenced

Between foxes attacking layers, opossums eating eggs, and raccoons preying on broilers, we decided it was time for a dog. So we adopted an 8-month-old rat/fox terrier mix from our local Animal Rescue League and picked him up on Tuesday. He came from another farm that had too many animals, and has lived outside all his life, so he is perfect for what we need.
We decided to name him Solo. Originally we meant it because he's going to be kind of on his own, but it could be short for Han Solo or there is an obscure Marvel Superhero named Solo who fights terrorism. I love that: our predators are so very like terrorists!!
He spent the last couple of nights near the broiler pen, and the predation on our young broilers has gone down. Now we just have to teach him not to chase layer chickens...

When we bought our house a few years ago, lining the secondary driveway was a very rustic, picturesque farm fence. It really was for decoration and to help find the driveway because it's very steep and not well defined. The only decent picture of it I could find is in the background of Ryan trimming a maple tree in the yard.
Notice it leans, and we had always intended to replace it someday. Well, last night Ryan came home after dark and backed the two-wheel drive pickup down the driveway. We knew it was inevitable someday, but he did a truly excellent job of nailing that fence.
I love that there is one lonely post still standing as if to say "Hey guys! Look! I'm still holding down the fort!"

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