Sunday, May 15, 2011

Gardening & Heavenly Scent

My quest to actually have and maintain a decent garden this year continues! 
So my square foot gardens are going OK, some stuff is even growing. About 80% of my transplants died, so we purchased some more at Theisen's today. The spinach toward the center of the view is from seed, though!
This is the same one of the gardens, I picked it because it looks the best of the four I have planted! Top right has some snap peas, the nice stuff toward the middle is the spinach, top left is zucchini and brussels sprouts, and bottom left is broccoli. I think it's going OK so far!

It is also my absolute favorite time of year for flowers. It has not been a great year for lilacs and the ones I do have are actually fairly dismal. Some day I'll buck it up and order some truly awesome varieties online. 

I do have a few and they are blooming now! Mixed with the lilies-of-the-valley, I wish I could just bottle this scent and keep it forever. Yes, I know they make perfumes that try. But they all fail. 
I also love putting arrangements in those old-fashioned glass coca-cola bottles. They are just the right size and I think they make charming vases.

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