Tuesday, May 31, 2011


So Ryan has been trying to sort sheep in our new animal handling system. See below.
However, as he himself said in reaction to this picture, "What you can't see here is the swearing." 
He's not kidding.
Luckily my daughter can't hear him either.

 But she likes to watch him.
She actually watched him mow the lawn for 45 minutes without moving. Pretty good for a year-old child. 
But back to my story. 

Ryan got the sheep sorted out (mostly) and into different areas of the farm (also mostly). In the "keep" herd were a couple of lambs who are big enough to be weaned, but their mamas haven't forced the issue yet. We usually let them make that decision, but not today.
So in his infinite wisdom, Ryan put the "keep" herd next to our house.
Right next to our house.
As in, one wall of the fence is practically the wall to our house.
Did I mention it was super hot out last night so I had the windows open? Those crazy lambs cried all night long.

Word to the wise: freshly weaned lambs do not belong 10 feet from the open window of a house on a summer night.

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