Sunday, April 3, 2011

Farmer's wife

Yesterday around midnight I posted on Facebook the following status:
I am officially a farmer's wife. I have now been crapped on by a chicken while trying to get a weak newborn lamb to nurse. 

One of my friends responded that she wasn't sure what the bar was for the title of "Farmer's Wife," but that one seemed like a good one. This made me reflect on the question: when did I really feel like a farmer's wife? So here is my list, in the order I thought of them, of times I felt like a farmer's wife. 

1. My first Thanksgiving, cooking a turkey we raised for 14 people
There's just something about cooking the Thanksgiving turkey and hosting everyone at my house that always makes me feel like a matriarch, in the nicest possible way.

2. Building a storage tower for my quilting projects out of milk crates
I can't take a picture of this one for you because my daughter is asleep upstairs where this is. But trust me, I built it from milk crates and ny-ties, and it's classy.

3. Helping a ewe give birth
My regular blog readers know about this one. It was an . . . interesting . . . evening. I won't repost the picture here because it's kinda gooey.

4. The day I went into labor and got to the hospital an hour late because a ewe was also in labor
Yep, this one is true. I called Ryan who was out in the pasture from the passenger seat and said, "I need you in here NOW!"

5. The afternoon I came home from work early because the cows were out
I blogged about this one too. There's a trend here.

6. When I patched my husband's Carhartts
I used a pair of jeans he wore out. Then he promptly ripped the Carhartts again, right above the patch.
 Also, I should have a sub-bullet here for the PFI patch. Ryan's Carhartts aren't complete without it. 

7. When I bought my rubber boots
I bet you can guess which ones are mine. I decided that even though I'd need rubber boots, they didn't have to be totally ugly. 

As I wrote this list, I realized I already blogged about quite a few of these. When I was pregnant, one of Ryan's friends told him that you don't become a dad right when the baby is born. You pretend to be a dad for a while and one day you wake up and realize you are one. 

I think this is the same way.

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