Saturday, January 22, 2011

Smaller Hands

So I got one of those Phone calls this evening as I was eating the freshly prepared dinner and waiting for Ryan to come in from choring. 
He tells me he's having trouble with lambing and he's got a ewe who's exhausted and there's one lamb's leg in the process of being born.
I feel for the poor gal.
Anyway, Ryan's hands are too big to assist this poor ewe, so I put Hazel in her crib with some toys and I head out there to assist. This lamb has just one hind leg out and the other leg is still all folded up. I get the other leg out there and we discover that the lamb is still alive! (We didn't expect that). So I have now delivered my first lamb. 
Warning, the picture is... a little gooey....

We brought them in to give their exhausted mother a chance to recuperate, so now I have two bleating lambs in my living room. 
Hazel is terrified of them. It could be a long night.

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Kate said...

Your life is more real than anyone else I know.