Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Fox and Kate's quilt

Maya has been earning her keep recently (along with my mother's golden retriever who is visiting for the week) by going ballistic at random times for no apparent reason. Today we figured out why the two of them were barking their heads off in the sun room: we have a couple of red foxes hanging around the farm. This picture is blurry because it was cropped and taken from a ways away and from inside the house. I'm surprised at how big it is, it probably stands taller than Maya. As long as it stays outside of our "bubble" that is the farm, I'm not inclined to shoot it or trap it or anything. Maybe it's the city girl in me, but I just view it as part of the ecosystem. It's probably the same one we spotted during a walk last spring that we suspect ate one of our ducks. Although we're OK with the whole duck thing because if the duck wandered off that far, perhaps it deserved it....
The tree in the foreground is our peach tree, I really hope we didn't get cold enough this winter to kill our peach blossom buds like last year! I think our low temp for the year so far has been -20 deg F or so, which should still be OK.

On a quilting note, I'm posting a picture of this quilt I finished for a friend a long time ago. I saw the fabric and thought of her, but didn't send it because I was waiting for a BIG EVENT in her life to happen that would warrant that kind of a gift. But I realized that was stupid and it was just sitting, wrapped, on a shelf in my closet for the last year and a half when it should be out and enjoyed by someone! After all, I did finish the darn thing. So I sent it to her and now I'm posting the picture.

Stay warm everyone, at least this last week has had 30 deg+ days and hasn't been nearly so miserable as the week before. We've had some snow melt, so perhaps we're ready for the next round whenever it comes!

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Kate said...

I love my quilt! It is amazing!