Saturday, January 9, 2010

My increasingly ambitious project

I started this quilt in the summer of 2007, and it has become my increasingly ambitious project. It started life as a twin sized quilt, which is just the inner section of fans and the first border of ribbons. Then I decided that it was going to be a queen sized quilt because I was going to keep it and we have a queen guest bed. So I added the second set of borders and now it's about 92" x 96". I've finally finished the applique on this sucker and it's time to start quilting it. So even though I don't usually post quilts until they are done, this one will probably be done far enough in the future that we're calling this a sufficient milestone.
I laid it out to make sure I hadn't missed any spots and of course our cat Nermal woke from his slumber because he sensed that somewhere a gigantic bit of cloth that had a ton of work in it just waiting for him to come shed on. My dearest husband started playing with the cat until I told him that if Nermal sunk his claws into this quilt that I would hold him responsible...

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