Sunday, February 14, 2010

The relentless winter & taxes

I think I'm going to remember this winter as The Relentless Winter. For those of you not living nearby us, we have a record number of days in a row with more than 5" of snow on the ground, and every time we turn around it's either more snow or ice.

On this note, we bought a new truck. We are now the proud owners of not one, not two, but three trucks. We bought another one mostly because I just don't like the way the Ford drives. It's the
truck on the left (anyone want to buy a '94 Ford with 4 wheel drive????). The truck in the middle is Ryan's grandfather's truck and is 2 wheel drive (translation: it doesn't make it up the driveway easily between November and March). The truck on the right is the "new" one and is the first truck I've driven that I like to drive! I can actually understand the whole chick-in-a-truck thing with this one.

On another note, we got our taxes almost done yesterday (I say almost because we're missing a form because companies don't have to mail them until Feb 15th this year). This picture is what it looks like when Ryan balances the business books, and it looks this way for at least a week or two. Last year he made it until August before they fell apart, which is better than 2008 when he only made it to July. Considering a vast majority of our business is done after October, we have a way to go before we keep up with things as they come. The final books say the business lost money this year, but we're just on year three so we're optimistic. If you don't count buying the cows, sheep, or water system; we came out ahead by a tiny bit. When we start selling sheep this year they will finally start paying for themselves and we are continuing toward the goal of making money at our five year mark. Bit by bit, we will make it!!

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Like that photograph of the table.
A table in use.