Saturday, March 21, 2009

Unintended Prairie Burn and Crocus

This past Tuesday, Ryan decided he was going to burn one of our brush piles out in the pasture. A few hours and 3 fire trucks later, we now have a freshly burned pasture. Really, most of that is that Ryan didn't call them right away because we actually did want to burn off the pasture (it's good for the prairie grasses) and for a while he had it contained. Once the fire department got there, it was out in 20 minutes. No one was hurt, no buildings burnt, no livestock was injured. But it was an exciting day, and I didn't even know about it until it was over!

 On a more cheerful note, spring is starting finally! It's a beautiful day today, and this is a picture of our crocus. It's about time to split them, I think. We've also started a few garden plants indoors, we'll have to see how that goes. So far we haven't really hit the whole "garden" thing out of the park, but we'll keep trying...

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