Monday, March 9, 2009

Roosters, updated website, another quilt

Well, I got our website updated, so now it has the correct and working order form for our 2009 season (with dates)! So go check it out to order for our upcoming season. 

Our roosters (we had three) have been getting cabin fever, just like everyone else. They've been fighting a lot, so we had to get rid of one. I'd put up a picture for this, but it would be gruesome, so I'm going to continue the quilt picture trend. 

This is a quilt I made for me, called "Swallowtails in the sun." Ryan doesn't like it, never has. But ah well; perhaps it will go in my quilting room. Ryan has nicknamed my quilting room/the guest room "the girl cave" which really is a fitting name for it. 

1 comment:

Kate said...

Why doesn't Ryan like this one. I think it looks great. How big is it?