Thursday, November 13, 2014

Basement Walls and Gingerbread

We have basement walls! They got poured on Monday, right before this massive cold snap we're going through. 
The black coating is the waterproofing on the outside of the walls, in this picture the front door will be about in the middle of the picture, in the part that is coming toward the viewer. 
And the second picture is looking at the garage on the left. I'm facing east in taking these pictures. 

Ryan has also been working on putting in water lines, here he's standing in a water line trench, putting in a hydrant.

This last weekend we also had a very wintery activity and we made gingerbread houses with Grandma and Grandpa.
Z happily played with toy cars while we did.
And then we decorated them, of course.

Little Z turns 2 tomorrow, so since he is otherwise underrepresented in this post, here he is outside Target, very disappointed that the big red ball doesn't move:
Happy Birthday little man!

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