Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Viking quilt, another I-spy, and living room drawing

February was a rough month. That's probably why I didn't blog during it. If you saw Ryan's post about his mom, that explains at least some of it. So, now that we have a new month, we will start anew!

First, I finished the view in the opposite direction for our future dining/living room. 
And here are some close ups.

It was again a very useful exercise because when I drew it I realized the wall that is now a 3/4 wall on the left with the plants on it was an awkward wall. It makes more sense as a 3/4 wall that could be used for plants or anything else to add interest and personality to the living room as well as usefulness. 

I also finished two quilts recently. The first is another I-spy quilt I made for some good friends of ours who are having their second baby. 
This one turned out particularly colorful based on the scraps I had on hand, which resulted in Z immediately liking it and wanting to carry it around. I'll take that as a good sign. 

I also finished a quilt for Z that I started a few months ago. I saw the Timeless Treasures viking fabric (the historic cultural group, not the sports team) and had to have some. The map is so freaking cute!
The pattern is from Scrap Therapy's Scraps Plus One book with some modifications. 

The borders have the Viking alphabet quilted in and the centers of the blocks are quilted with the Viking cross. 
 I really like how it turned out. The blessing on it says, "Be strong as a stone, and noble as gold, true as steel, and radiant as fire." 
It will be for when he is a toddler, it is about a throw sized quilt. 

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