Sunday, July 14, 2013

Computer, flooding, & shoe quilt

 Greetings! As always, I apologize for the lack of posts. This happened a couple of weeks ago, which made posting much harder:
Stupid computer. Either way, I miss my laptop. 

We had some flooding this spring, this is a picture of the road to our place. Our farm did not flood at all, this is just the first gravel road you take to get to us. I just had to take an alternate route to work for about two weeks. Typical Iowa spring!
I have a friend who loves shoes who is new to the Pella area, so I made her a quilt for her cubicle. I came up with the paper pieced pattern myself, and it has a quote from Marilyn Monroe embroidered on it: "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." It suits her perfectly! Everyone asks me about the shoe fabric; I found it on by searching for "shoes," and then I colored in some of the shoes pink with fabric marker. 

I'm going to catch up on the kids a bit for the rest of this post. When the tulips were blooming in Pella I took them out for a bit of a photo shoot:

 And as usual, I'm badly behind on my gardening. Sigh. But H likes to help! She's actually all about trying to help, which is very sweet. 
 She's also started to get that whole not-so-camera-shy-toddler thing going on. Luckily she hasn't picked up the super cheese ball smile yet! Maybe she won't...
 Little Z is growing well, and crawls like a pro. Here he is at his grandmother's band concert, she is playing clarinet in the Ames Municipal Band this summer. 
 And here he is at a friend's house, looking contemplative. 
 And now he's banging on the keyboard and I have to get H dressed, so I have to go! I will try to post more very soon!

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