Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dusty, State Fair, & Other Goings-on

It appears it has been over a month since my last blog post, for that I apologize. I think I'll still blame pregnancy. It makes a good scapegoat. 

It is State Fair season, so we went and the biggest purchase we made was a cowboy hat for the munchkin. We've been wanting to get her one (like Daddy's!) for some time, but the state fair is really the place to get it. She didn't want a purple one, or a pink one, or a white one. She liked the black one!

After I took this picture I realized that I've taken this picture every year of the fair. This is on the sales grounds near the Varied Industries building, and Ryan is always carrying Hazel. Here she is at her first state fair, 3 months old:
And here she is at her second, 1 year and 3 months old:
Different carry methods, same general idea. Here she is again this year, 2 years and 3 months old:
I think when she's too big to be carried, these pictures will be replaced with her showing animals at the fair. Ryan is also not actually wearing the same shirt in all of these, but it does kind of look like he is. Apparently gray is a common color in his wardrobe. 

Our daughter is starting to figure out how farm chores work a little bit, which is still more adorable and annoying than helpful. She wanted to water the cows, so here she is tending the hose on the cattle water tank.
It actually makes a pretty good task for her, and she didn't get all wet or anything. 

Also about a week ago, we adopted another dog. Someone came too fast on the gravel road and Solo got hit. This was really disappointing because Solo was just starting to figure out life on the farm! We had only had him for a few months.
So this is Dusty, he is a 6 year old beagle. His given name was Destin, which was weird. He doesn't respond to it anyway, so we're still working on that. So far he's doing OK, he's adjusting to farm life. He also does well with a toddler, he comes from a household with other young children. 

In miscellaneous news, our plants are somewhat confused by the weather. We have been receiving steadier rain, so our french lilac and crabapple decided to bloom. Not like spring blooms, but definite blooms.
I took this picture on August 27th. Not this spring, just now. Crazy.

Yesterday we did our first foray into making cookies. This is using a Betty Crocker mix, but I did make the frosting from scratch. The little one thoroughly enjoyed it. 
We just used a heart shaped cookie cutter, and we ended up with some very misshapen hearts. They tasted great!!

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