Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garage and the Bees

Today Ryan gave me a lovely gift: My garage back! Huzzah!! Do you remember our power outage? Holy cow, I just went to look for that post and learned that outage was on February 13th! That was over 21 weeks ago! Anyway, that outage fried our garage door opener. So we had several weeks where the garage door didn't open, and for some odd reason it because the repository for every form of random junk on the farm. It wasn't clean to start with, and being filled with more junk did not help. So then we had several more weeks where it was unusable as a garage because a car would not fit into it. But finally today, Ryan got it all cleaned out. I'd like to say I helped, but at 22 weeks pregnant I'm largely useless.
And then here it is with a car in it:
And here's the pile of junk we're hoping to get rid of. Anyone want a push lawnmower that needs a tuneup?

On a totally separate note, we have a nest of wild honeybees that has moved into one of our soft maples. I don't think I already blogged about them (sorry if I did) because I didn't think they'd stay. But they've made a home in the maple tree limb and they all come out when it's warm. 
I really have to get a better camera to get a picture of these guys. It just looks like a dark spot in the middle of this picture. I'm having deja vu, so perhaps I did blog about these before...

So now a picture of the cows grazing peacefully. The extreme heat of this summer has been very hard on the turkeys, and we've been losing quite a few. Luckily we haven't lost as many as some farmer friends of ours, but we've certainly been losing them at a steady rate. Turkeys like heat, but shouldn't be born TOO warm. 

And a few pictures of my toddler, who's grasp of language gets better every day. 
Drawing with sidewalk chalk:

Pretending to be Mommy:
Cuddling on the couch:


Tracy said...

I always love reading your updates. Hope your turkey population stabilizes. Love the pics.
- Tracy

Kerita said...

Your husband Ryan is such a sweet guy for giving you back this garage as a gift. I’m pretty sure that storing your things and valuables is now easier. This can also make your work on the farm more organized because you can now easily store and find the tools that you need in one place. With that, you’ll be able to work faster, easier, and more efficiently.

Kerita Kantz