Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lambing Season and Kindle Cover

Tonight is the coldest night of the year so far (and probably will be the coldest), so of course we have new lambs. We're up to a few now (6? 8? I'm not sure) and this year we've had better luck with female lambs. Of course, all of the girls are still black while the boys get decent coloring. 
This is a little ram lamb born a couple of weeks ago, with some girls around him. I think the black ewe gene must be a sex-linked trait that is carried by our black ram, Hades. 
So here is our newest mother ewe and her twins, who were fairly weak and small. Ryan bottle-fed them a little as a supplement because it's so cold out and so they would be strong enough to nurse on their own.
Newborn lambs are cute, but they're much cuter a week or two old when they're running around and messing with the chickens in the building.
It's a little hard to see in this fuzzy, cropped, dark (I lightened it, I swear!) picture; but this lamb is nose-to-nose with one of the laying hens. I hadn't ever seen that before, but three of the lambs were chasing the chickens around while the chickens got all flustered and fled to higher ground. It was hilarious! Lambs and puppies have more in common than I would think. 
Hazel looked on with fascination and delight while Ryan fed the lambs. She's extremely empathetic toward our sheep, and gets really really upset when Ryan has to move a ewe around (like by shoving her or picking her up to get her out of his way to feed lambs). Even though he's not hurting the ewe and she's not making any noise, Hazel freaks out every time he manhandles one. It's been that way since even since 6-month-old Hazel was in a baby carrier on my back for doing chores and Ryan was loading sheep into the truck for processing. Born farm girl, that one.

My latest sewing/craft project was something I saw on Pinterest (Ryan calls Pinterest "Lady Crack"). A gal made a cover for her Kindle out of a book. Love it! So, of course, I had to have one.
This book is one of the Confessions of Georgia Nicolson books (Book 3 to be precise), and it fits a Kindle perfectly. I read these as a teenager, and this book suffered some water damage to the pages a couple of years ago when we had a leak in our sunroom roof. So no, I did not destroy a perfectly lovely book. I admit, that would break my heart a little bit. But back to my project! 
I made it with a combination of sewing and hot glue, using some scrap fabric I had lying around. It's really pink, but I like it. This pink fabric was what I had on hand that matched the bright pink and orange plaid of the book cover. 
I gave my cover a pocket, but I'm not sure why. I can only put flat things in there and I couldn't make it big enough for the Kindle, but I felt like it belongs. 
My truly favorite addition to this cover comes from Ryan's stash of stuff for his hobbies. He had some rare earth magnets that I employed to keep my cover closed.
And yes, I did do my homework; the magnets won't hurt the Kindle. Amazon uses magnets to keep their cover closed too. I maintain the faint hope that the cover will slow my toddler down the tiniest bit as she absconds with my Kindle hollering, "Mine!!!"

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