Monday, January 16, 2012

PFI Conference & Mr. Fix-it

Last weekend was the annual PFI conference, at which they asked us to present! I love presenting. I know it's weird, but put me in front of a crowd of people and tell me to talk about something and I'm happy. 
I know, I really look happy in this picture, don't I?
There, that one's better. Hazel had a ball playing around and trying to steal the show.
We were presenting our business plan to a panel of experts, one of which was a small business financial expert in from Connecticut for the conference. 
We got some good feedback and people said our session was good. Hazel did not do well traveling, however. She just really didn't sleep on Friday night at all! It made for a long Saturday. 

One of the questions from the audience was something along the lines of asking if we were handy since we were doing things on a shoestring and I'm an engineer. Ha! I laughed out loud. It was very inappropriate. But when I recovered, I basically said that we either didn't do handyman type things, or we bartered product for them. Seriously, our tractor hasn't had an oil change since we got it. It's a miracle the thing runs. But then our dumb soft maple tree tangled its branches in our TV antenna on top of the garage.
This called for drastic measures.
So here's Mr. Fix-it on our garage roof, working it.
Go Ryan Go!
And now we have ABC back. I guess we can be handy when we have to be. 

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