Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Cast of Characters: Nermal

Nermal is our farm kitty. He was raised on the farm where we buy our feed and he charmed his way onto our farm. In some ways, he's a totally normal cat.

He's a little destructive. Here he got ahold of an egg carton.
Suffice to say, there wasn't much of that egg carton left. 

He's also a bit of a climber.
Here he is on the top of the bathroom door.

Then, of course, he likes to be in the middle of any quilt in progress. Quilts I'm working on are there expressly for his pleasure.

Even barn quilts in progress apparently count, as evidenced by his actions yesterday.
As of tonight, I now have the yellow painted on it, but as soon as it was marked up Nermal climbed aboard.

Somehow, he just knows.

1 comment:

Laurie Marmon said...

Yup, he knows. My kitties are enjoying tearing up paper towels at the moment. Past two days and we've found paper towel bits all over the kitchen. :)