Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Slopes and Charity Quilt

We had another work day with some friends coming out to help with the building, and Ryan got himself in a bit of a hurry on Saturday morning getting ready for people to come out. He was frustrated with the water trailer not wanting to come off the truck hitch, and then when he finally got it off he misestimated the slope and we had a bit of a mishap.
We had a bunch of steel for the building roof in the back of the truck, so we couldn't have the tailgate up. Everything (500 lbs of feed, tools, 20+ 2x4's, etc) including the 20 sheets of steel slid down out of the truck and onto the grass.
Our friends, and their iPhone camera, were just in time to help pick up.
Do you see the cow in the background of this one? At least the weather was really nice, usually this sort of thing happens at dusk in a snowstorm in December.
Then we got down to the business of building. Jim and Ryan framed windows and doors while Drew trimmed the rafters to the right length and Michael, Adam, and I put purlins on the roof. I actually thought that was kind of fun, apparently childhood monkey bar skills have application in the "real world!" This pic was taken by Adam from the roof while Ryan and Michael go fetch tools. 

I recently did some scrap organization in my quilting area and decided I hadn't made a charity quilt for the year yet.
This one will go to Quilts for Kids, which is the charity my guild has picked for the year. It's about 36" square, and I have to say I like this one better in person. The border fabric doesn't look quite so busy in person somehow.

Last for anyone who stuck with me this long, Ryan sent this picture of my "Little Engineer" to me at work. He was repairing his chair in the kitchen, and she got the idea that she needed to figure out how to use the screwdriver too. 
 Sorry the pics are fuzzy. Ryan wanted to capture the moment so he didn't have time to focus, etc. 
 Totally made my day.

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