Monday, July 4, 2011

Raspberry Hunting & Poll Ending

Yesterday Ryan mentioned to me that there was a small patch of raspberries in the pasture that he had the sheep graze around that might be ready for picking. His directions to find it went like this: "You know that one big soft maple with the overhanging branch that's about to fall off? Follow that branch and it's the next tree west of there."
After a couple of clarifying phone calls to Ryan, I found the small patch.
I had the baby on my back in her Chicco carrier for a little outdoor adventure.
This picture's actually a little out of date, but it's the one I have on file.

Anyway, we got to the raspberry patch and found a very unsurprising surprise: Poison Ivy. It's all over the place on our farm. So now it's time for a little game! Can you spot the poison ivy vs. the raspberry plant? Hint: the poison ivy has a 3 leaf pattern. Oh, wait. So does the raspberry plant.
Well? How did you do?

Here's the raspberry leaves:
And here's the poison ivy.
So the poison ivy and the raspberry and I played a game of "touch this, not that," only complicated by the whole "raspberries have thorns" thing. Everything good is worth working for!
A meager harvest, but completely delicious. There weren't enough to make anything with them, so I just ate them. Perhaps in the future our patch will be big enough to make jam!

On a separate note, my poll ends tonight and so far it looks like my readers want to know more about my farm and home life. I definitely think people who read this blog at this point generally know me personally, so they are more interested in my daughter than I thought people might be. I will try to adjust accordingly. In the meantime, thanks for reading!

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Laurie Marmon said...

You do a great job of incorporating pictures and story in your posts. I like reading them. :) Glad you got some raspberries out of your adventure!