Thursday, June 23, 2011

June Exchange & Another Quilt Relish

I signed up for a June Craft gift exchange thing this year, from the Craftaholics Anonymous blog. Not quite sure what possessed me, but I thought it would be fun. Anyway, it's in the mail now, my gifting partner was someone who likes all the owl patterns that are hot right now and is also a Scentsy dealer. So I made her a candle mat from an original pattern.
The owls are appliqued with button eyes, the rest is all free motion quilted in.

I also finished another one of the Modern Quilt Relish patterns, like the one in my cubicle quilt. I have to say, these patterns are very well written. I did cut the size in half, however, just because I didn't really want anything bigger. There is a pencil in the picture to give a sense of scale.
To anyone who is looking for farm news, I apologize for no update on that front! It continues to be a very rough year here. Our energizer is back from the manufacturer and we now have fewer sheep, but we're still having chicken problems like crazy. Our broilers just aren't growing like they should and the layers are falling prey to clever raccoons and foxes. My co-workers are telling me that we should just set traps for the coons. This is funny. Ryan actually tied the bait to the trigger and the next morning the bait was gone and the trap was still untriggered.
Crazy coons.


Kate said...

Both of these are amazing!

Michelle Willow said...

Love the owls! Sure she'll love them too! :)

Linda@CraftaholicsAnonymous said...

Hi Janice,
What an adorable owl piece! I'm sure she'll love it! Thanks for linking up to the Handmade Gift Exchange linky party! I love seeing what everyone made. The next Handmade Gift Exchange starts the first week of November, so mark your calendar! :)
happy crafting,