Sunday, March 20, 2011

Garden planted and Giveaway!

Today is the first day of spring, and it is the first time I can remember that the official first day of spring actually feels like it should be the first day of spring. As such, I planted the first round of the garden yesterday! I know it doesn't look like much, but I cleaned out the square foot gardens and planted all the seeds that are "when the soil can be worked." This includes spinach, lettuce, broccoli, carrots, and a few other things. We will see how it turns out!

Ok, so now I'm doing my first blog giveaway! 
Background: for Valentine's Day, Ryan has painted a 4 ft by 4 ft piece of plywood white for me to serve as a barn quilt! I've wanted one of these since the day I found out they existed, so I'm excited about it. But I'm not sure what design to put on it. (As a side note, there isn't a good article on barn quilts on Wikipedia. I think that's more evidence that they need female editors on that site! Perhaps I should write them one...) Yes, these quilt squares are usually 8 ft square, but we don't have a good place to put something that big on our farm so we'll put the smaller one on the shed by the road. 

So now the giveaway. I want to know what you all think I should put on my barn quilt square. I will make a quilted table-topper kind of like these:

but it will have the design you voted for on it (note, not the winning design, but the one the winner liked best!) To vote, comment on this blog with which design you like best. Then I will use to select a winner. Are you ready for the options? Here we go!
They are numbered from left to right and here are the names of the blocks. Remember that these barn quilts are fairly common, so while I do like turkey tracks and have it up here because it symbolizes our farm; it is possible that there are a few other farms with turkey tracks out there. So just keep that kind of thing in mind. The names of the blocks:
1. Castles in Spain
2. Evening star with pinwheel
3. Prairie Queen
4. This & That
5. Turkey Tracks
6. Weather Vane

So please vote, I want to know what you think! You can send me an email with your vote if you prefer, but know that I won't enter you in the giveaway that way. 

Oh, and I'll close the voting at 8 pm central time next Sunday, March 27th. See you in a week with the verdict!


Laurie Marmon said...

I vote for #2! Very cool concept, these barn quilts. Can't wait to see the finished product. :)

Davisourus said...

I hadn't heard of this, so I googled it. And while I think a pinwheel/windmill would have some dutch appeal, I like that the turkey one has some symbolism to you and your farm which would lock me in to vote #5 (although the bottom row second from the left here in similar colors (red/pink/green/orange) would look very wild rose like to me. )

Kate said...

#6 for sure!

Erin said...

Prairie Queen! #3!!! I love it! (Now I want a barn so I can have a barn quilt. Heh.)

lalong said...

I've seen a fair few barn quilts driving around the state, and actually can't remember seeing any Turkey Tracks don't count that out for the farm - but that's not my favorite :) I like #3 (Prairie Queen).

Ask Jeremy sometime to show you pictures of the barn quilts my dad's painted. - Leigh Ann

Slovenka said...

I vote for #6, It just seems so appropriate with our windy Iowa to have somthing related to wind. I also like the colors and the block the most.