Thursday, December 9, 2010

Local, Organic food is too expensive...right?

Fair warning: I'm in the mood to rant again. I just saw one of the Iowa Minute commercials sponsored by Farm Bureau on the evening news about food pantries and the affordability of food. I really dislike those commercials. But anyway, it talks about people who are unemployed using food pantries more and how Iowan conventional farmers are growing cheaper food for the world. 
Putting that whole argument aside, I just wanted to say something about how the food this farm grows is so expensive. It's true, we know that we cost more than the grocery store. I also know that we calculate a reasonable profit margin without any labor rate. But here's the real point I'm trying to make: 

Local food can be available for barter. 

I know there are people using our local food pantry, and we donate our small eggs to our local pantry for those people. However, I think people who were willing to come barter with their local farmers for food would be surprised how flexible we are. If you're an out of work accountant, offer to help us with our books. If you're an unemployed welder, I'm sure we can find something for you to weld around here! Even just offering babysitting at the going rate in exchange for that value in product could probably be arranged. I know I am blessed to still have my in-town job and certainly hope that continues to be the case. And I'm grateful for our core customers, who understand why we charge what we charge for food. I just want to say sometimes the out-of-the-norm thinking can benefit everyone involved.

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LadyJayPee said...

Good ON ya for doing what you're doing in the way that you are doing it! ☺ We buy local and support organic farmers all we can. At first I was used to hunting for the best price on food, but as I gradually started buying organic, I came out of the "cheap" mindset and, over time, was able to add more & more local, organic foods to our diets, along with growing some of my own. It's so worth it! I ♥ farmers! ☺ Thank you.