Thursday, June 10, 2010

Porch Toad & Loading Chickens

I almost stepped on this little guy on the way out my front door this evening, and was actually carrying the camera. So I'm sharing him with you. We live in a little valley, so we have water management issues. Lots of them. Like we have a swamp around our compost pile. That means we have frogs, toads, snakes, and all kinds of bugs. Everything has to lay low a lot of the time, though, because chickens hate snakes more than anything else and will go out of their way to kill them. Yet another thing you learn when you raise chickens: they will eat almost anything...
Tonight was loading time for our first batch of chickens of the season. We know a farmer who grabs 5 at a time, I'd love to actually see that because even in the dark they are squirmy little creatures. Ryan can only get 4 at a time, and of course I max out at 2. Curse small hands with short stubby fingers! We load them at dusk/night because they are MUCH more docile then, and we don't have to chase them all over their shelter nearly as much. That was something we learned our first year.

Last year I made a short post that 180 chickens is the max that fit on a trailer. I'm sticking with that; although the 180 chickens fit much better today than they did last year. We're hoping that's not because they will dress out small. Small chickens suck and don't make us much money.

On a side note, I apologize for anyone who follows me by a feed. I went through and put labels on all my blogs, so I suspect it will say there are lots of new/edited posts today. However, I thought it was useful to actually use the labels if only for my own organization!

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