Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Morel season again

It's morel mushroom season again! So far, they're still the only mushroom Ryan will eat. Here is how I cook morels, which is incidentally also how I bread chicken, or pork chops, or anything I feel needs breading.

First, you have to clean these wrinkly little morsels of goodness. Get inside 'em, there be bugs in there!

Then, I cut them in half. Otherwise the yummy breading won't cover everything.

Next, they go in a mix of flour, salt, and pepper. They get a good coating, but then I shake them off best I can.

Their second coating is some of our farm fresh eggs, beaten.

Then last they go back into a mix of flour, salt, and pepper. I like to have some of the flour be spelt or whole wheat (but not all of it! The gluten in all purpose flour is needed to help keep the breading together!)

Now they go into my saute pan in a mix of olive oil & butter. I mix the two because the olive oil raises the smoke point of the pan, but the butter adds yummy flavor. Cook on low-med until golden brown and delicious!

I almost put some garnish in the bowl for this picture, but I believe cooking should look like it actually does by those of us who aren't pros. So these may not look like much, but I promise they are creamy and delish.

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Loren said...

It is not fair to post photos of Morels. Your pictures look so good they make me hungry for mushrooms. I tried looking for some last Sunday but everything was too dry. I have not had mushrooms for years now. DO you share? LF